TMS Inventory Management Control


With TMS, you should never miss your routine gage calibration again.

Gages are items such as calipers and micrometers that require servicing at regular intervals. TMS allows the users to check-out their Gages for Calibration, removing them from the available inventory. TMS tracks whether the work was performed in-house or contracted to an outside company. You can attach instructional documents to ensure the calibration procedure is completed according to your company standards. The calibration history shows you what work was performed, the tolerance, when it was last completed and the dates and Notes regarding the process. When the service work is done, simply check it back in and once again it is available for use​.

Set the Frequency for the Gage calibration

Set the Standard and Procedure, you may attach a procedural document

Choose if the work is to be done In-house or Contracted out

Enter who the Maintenance Technician is

Enter all of the measurements and information that was used to calibrate the    Gage, even temperature and humidity

TMS automatically shows you the date of the Last calibration and when the Next calibration is due