TMS is an easy-to-use system that allows you to track the history of your inventory by user or item.  TMS will allow your company to take control of your inventory by eliminating unnecessary replacement costs for items that have been misplaced or stolen and save you valuable time searching for items.  Being organized will help your business run more efficiently, which improves both your productivity and profitability. 

Track your tools and equipment.​

You can easily schedule and track the Maintenance or Calibration history for your tools and equipment. 

TMS allows you to customize the individual Security Level for both your users and your inventory. This will ensure that a user with a Security Level 1 will not be able to check out an item that has a higher Security Level. 

If you have multiple locations, TMS allows you to receive your new items at one location and transfer the items to your other sites. This will allow you to accurately track each location's expenses. 

If your company uses employee ID cards, you can speed up the check-out process by scanning them through a Card Reader which will automatically populate the User’s information. 

Adding an asset management solution at a time of budget cuts is more crucial now because we need to have detailed reports showing how every dollar is being spent. We need to be able to do more with less. TMS will allow you to see the "whole picture" and make sure that your inventory dollars are being optimized. That alone is not enough, you need to be able to maximize your employee’s talents and being organized is the best way to make sure things are being done efficiently. 

If your company uses ID cards, you can speed up the check-out process by scanning them with a Card Reader.

TMS Inventory Management Control