It is difficult to figure out how to add one more thing to your budget but companies are seeing that being able to track the history and cost of your inventory with one system is very efficient.  You will eliminate both unnecessary replacement costs and time wasted searching for misplaced items. At the click of a button you will know where your inventory is and how your budget is being spent.

TMS Inventory Management Control

It is important to find a solution that addresses the reality of keeping the doors open and the streets safe in the midst of budget cuts. TMS answers this by helping you do more with less money and personnel by keeping your inventory organized so you know where it is and who has it. TMS is an easy-to-use system that allows you to track the history of your inventory by user or item.  We are proud to say that TMS enables our customers to successfully pass their inventory management audits. TMS manages the history of your Inventory, including the performed Maintenance and Calibration to it. 

TMS allows you to customize the individual Security Level for your users and your inventory. This will ensure that a user with a Security Level 1 will not be able to check out an item that has a higher Security Level.​​

Adding an asset management solution at a time of budget cuts is more crucial now because we need to have detailed reports showing how every dollar is being spent. TMS has customizable reporting options that allow you to view the history of your inventory. This will aid you in developing budget forecasts by knowing the quantity and what you paid for each item, the location and much more.  You can authorize your reports by electronically signing them with an eSignature pad, eliminating the need to print and file your reports. Should the situation arise where you need to provide proof of the medical supplies that were used for the care and treatment of a resident, you will have a history of all of the items and when they were issued. 

TMS can be set up in a short period of time by importing your inventory in an Excel document or adding it individually. 

If your facility uses employee ID cards, you can speed up the check-out process by scanning them through a Card Reader which will automatically populate the User’s information.

​Configurable security levels for both users and items. This guarantees that a user with a security level of one would not be able to check out an item from levels two through five.​

  • Clinic
  • Armory
  • Garage
  • Shop
  • Booking
  • Evidence
  • Kitchen
  • Office


Your staff is already wearing multiple hats which means you do not have time to waste searching for an item. TMS allows you to look up an item and find out:

  • When it is time to reorder
  • Where the item is
  • Who has used it
  • What it cost
  • Who manufactured it
  • Who you bought it from
  • Does it need maintenance