TMS Inventory Management Control


TMS allows you to analyze critical information so you can make informed decisions about the physical assets for your business. One of the most valuable tools you’ll find with TMS is the customizable reporting options representing a new level of control that results in enhanced productivity, more accountability, and reduced costs. ​

The reports are created using HTML. Simply choose your category and then fine-tune your search by choosing sub-categories. TMS has dozens of reports available to you whether you are in the tool crib or sitting at your desk. While viewing a report you have the ability to email, export, or print it. In seconds you’ve got a report in hand and ready to go!

Inventory Costs
Make corporate decision making easier with TMS reports. One of the areas where you spend the most money is on your tangible inventory. At the click of a button, view the history  detailing what you have paid for your inventory. If you need to know what you are spending from month to month, simple, TMS reports keeps a history of a multiplicity of details.

TMS offers customization so your reports can be exported to your other software systems.

Compliance and Audits
We are proud to say that companies using TMS are in compliance and successfully pass their government audits.​

Overstock - Find out which items you have over your Max amount.​