TMS Inventory Management Control

The TMS inventory tracking system is a comprehensive asset management software that allows you to track your inventory and maintenance/calibration schedules in the same place. With TMS your business will take control of your inventory by eliminating unnecessary replacement costs for items that have been misplaced or stolen and save you valuable time searching for items. Being organized will help your business run more efficiently, which improves both your productivity and profitability.​

You can be assured that your Min/Max quantities are correct so you never run short of a crucial item. With the click of a button you can view the items you are running low on as well as the quantity you need to order to bring each item’s quantity back to your designated Max Amount.​

TMS is designed to be easy-to-use and can be set up in a short period of time. All inventory activity is date and time stamped. Your inventory can be imported in an Excel document or  added individually.​

​TMS can be used by a single user on a standalone PC or multiple users can take advantage of the concurrent licensing in a client/server environment. Protect inventory data with password enabled log-in and automatic log-out for idle users.